FGFR inhibitors

Our company offers two highly defined compound families with considerable FGFR inhibition for further compound development and testing.

What we offer:

  • two patented compound families
  • nanomolar FGFR1, FGFR2, FGFR3 inhibitors
  • submicromolar FGFR4 and pan FGFR inhibitors
  • in silico prescreening
  • sophisticated compound profiling platform utilizing 8 in vitro enzyme activity assays
  • extensive cell based assay park

Biological significance

FGFR family member, selective- or pan-FGFR, small molecule inhibitors are important candidates in the treatment of many cancer phenotype, including lung cancers, multiple myeloma, and various endometrial- gastric- and pancreas cancer types. Our original candidates promise a targeted treatment for these widespread diseases and based on our data these compounds are more selective and have lower IC50 values than any other compound available on the market.


We ha’ve tested more than 150 compounds’’ effects on all four FGFR enzymes in enzyme activity assays and in a wide variety of cell culture based assays. As a result we ha’ve identified isoform selective compounds and pan-FGFR inhibitors as well and we’ have got more than 50 original nanomolar or lower inhibitor for the entire FGFR family.