DriverHit Library® (DHL)

The DriverHit Library® is a small molecule compound library which contains inhibitors that affect the cancer driver genes. This library is currently the most evident based to create combination cancer therapies.

Personalized drug discovery service

Mission: To provide personalized targeted treatment combinations for cancer patients to treat the disease, overcome primary and secondary resistance due to multiple driver cancer genes present in the patients’ tumor: Personalized drug discovery service.

Vision: Cancer can be cured with the right combination of cancer pathway targeted therapies.

Our goal is to create a revolutionary scientific and business model to fight cancer through integration of molecular information services, molecular diagnostics services and drug discovery.

Our concept is based on the identification and the blockage of the effect of the cancer driver genes and the related cancer pathways for killing all the cancer cells.

The DriverHit Library® (DHL) consists of reference compounds and proprietary Vichem compounds with the aimed target selectivity profile. The DriverHit Library® can be ordered for your own experiments.

Coverage of the drivers

Lately we were able to target 114 driver genes out of 138 and by this we are able to block all of the cancer pathways at numerous points. The 114 driver consists of 57 oncogenes and 57 TSGs (2 TSGs are targeted by the inhibition of its epigenetic regulator).

  • The Library currently contains 2926 compounds
  • Overall number of the reference compounds is 386
  • Number of targeted drivers with the 386 reference compounds is 114
  • 273 clinical reference compounds cover 96 drivers
  • In regards of the reference compound subset we concentrate on approved drugs or compounds tested in clinical trials in order to design combination therapies instantly based on the DriverHit conception. 96 drivers are targeted with approved drugs or compounds under clinical development.

    Currently Vichem is conducting drug development for combination therapy utilizing the novel patentable or already patented compounds from Vichem’s DriverHit Library® against selected driver targets in a given “DriverHit” combination. The idea is that Vichem develops 5-6 novel DriverHit compounds until Phase I clinical trials to utilize these compounds for treating patients with selected driver mutations occurring in a certain percentage of the particular tumor type and therefore affect a well characterized market with considerable size.

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