Analytical Services

NMR Services

Bruker Avance 300 NMR spectrometer equipped with a 5 mm 1H/13C dual inverse z-gradient probe. Heatable up to 130 °C.
Measurements are available in solution phase.
The instrument is controlled and the data are processed using TopSpin software.

Available NMR methods:
1H, 13C and DEPT spectra,
the latest versions of the COSY, TOCSY, NOESY and ROESY applications,
selective 1D versions of TOCSY, NOESY and ROESY,
inverse detected heteronuclear correlations: multiplicity-edited HSQC, HMBC,
tandem methods: HSQC-COSY and HSQC-TOCSY
methods for determination of heteronuclear long-range coupling constants: HSQMBC and J-HMBC.

Available for small molecules up to 1000 Da molecular mass, heterocycles, saccharides, macrolides, steroids, oligopeptides…