Vichem is currently focusing on these projects:

Myeloma multiplex and solid tumors:

Vichem and Medical University of Innsbruck have developed  a drug candidate against multiple myeloma and solid tumors.


Vichem has developed potent CDK9 inhibitors which are very potent compounds inhibiting HIV replication in nM dose.


Vichem has developed some extremely selective and very potent FLT3 inhibitors which are even more potent on MV4-11 acute myeloid leukemia cell line.

Closed grants (for further information click on their name):


“ANTIFLU aims at developing innovative drugs against influenza virus infections based on a novel concept that builds on the development of drugs targeting host cell factors to preclude the development of viral resistance and ensure efficacy against upcoming pandemic influenza strains.”


“PRIMES is a 13 Partner Collaborative European FP7 – HEALTH – 2011  project in the theme “Proteins and their interactions in health and disease” […] PRIMES investigates the following: (i) How do protein interactions contribute to the generation of biological specificity in signalling? (ii) How do pathogenetic perturbations affect protein interaction networks? (iii) How can we exploit protein interactions as therapeutic targets?.”


TÉT_13_DST is a Hungarian-Indian grant with the aim to develop new antituberculotic agents.


“We aim to identify novel drug targets for the improvement of EGFR targeting therapies and for the development of therapies for K-Ras mutant patients (via genome wide RNAi screening and kinome/secretome profiling).”


KMR is a Hungarian grant with the aim of investigating PDGFR related kidney fibrosis.


“The MM4TB research consortium has been assembled to discover anti-infective agents that will combat TB.”


“FP7 OPTATIO project researches new strategies to fight against multiple myeloma”


“The TARKINAID project aims to develop novel small molecule anti-inflammatory compounds based on the inhibition of Src-family kinases in inflammatory cells. The core part of the TARKINAID project is the pre-clinical analysis of novel Src-family kinase inhibitors in various animal models of chronic autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.”