Hit finding, assay development & screening

Vichem Chemie performs library screening and hit finding for any new kinase or non-kinase targets. The high throughput screening equipment with liquid handling robots is state of the art. The IMAP (Immobilized Metal Assay for Phosphochemicals) technology has been introduced as the preferred assay system. Yet, other assays with Fluorescence polarization and Transcreener Kinase Assay with Direct Immunodetection of ADP can be conducted as well. Before entering a screening campaign, the assays are adapted and optimized according to standard protocols for the ideal substrate/kinase concentrations, buffers, Km [ATP, substrate], time course and IC50 values for reference compounds. Selectivity of the compounds is evaluated based on the binding affinity  to various kinases.

For HIT finding we would offer our Screening compound collections and assay development services. Furthermore we offer HIT-to LEAD optimization and can deliver a patentable LEAD compound in a reasonable time frame.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@vichem.hu